Fisheries Research Laboratory, Mie University

Outline and History

The Fisheries Research Laboratory, Mie University (FRLM) was established on 28 April, 1978, to provide appropriate experimentation facilities and also to initiate students into fisheries techniques. The FRLM itself, covering an area of 15,262 m2 , is located in the southeast of Mie Prefecture on the Zaga-shima island (lat. 34-16.3' N, long. 136-48.5' E). This island is situated in Ago Bay, famous for its cultivated pearl production, and is within the limits of Ise-Shima National Park.

Laboratories: The main building has 470.26 m2 and is composed of 3 laboratories, library, specimen room, dark room, professor's room, administration, deposit and equipment rooms. For the breeding of aquatic organisms, another building with 71.77 m2, which includes a temperature controlled room, is also available.

Dormitory: With a constructed area of 394.58 m2, the dormitory includes 3 western-style bed rooms (44 persons), 2 Japanese-style rooms (7 persons), bathroom, laundry, kitchen and dining room. Other facilities: A boat house with 120 m2. Seven outside concrete tanks (40 t X 1; 10 t X 2; 1.5 t X 4). Five FRP tanks (5 t X 1; 3 t X 2; 2 t X 2).


A: Laboratories
B: Concrete tanks
C: Boad house
D: Slope
E: Air compresser for SCUBA tanks
F: Rearing room
G: Pontoon
H: Concrete tanks I: Sewage plant
J: Dormitory
K: Guest house